What Differentiates Us from Our Competitors?

At My Recruiting Team, we are not just another recruitment process outsourcing firm.

We are in this business to ease the pain points, to deliver quality, and to bring value-add to our business partners. Below are some of the key points that differentiate us from our competition:



With every sign-up to our end-to-end recruitment services (project-based, department-based, or annual recruitment), our business partners will leverage our first-to-market Recruitment Helpdesk Support services.

Our ITIL certified 24x7x365 helpdesk support agents will take away the pain of responding to every e-mail and to every phone call your team receives from applicants. Our agents will liaise directly with applicants and keep them up-to-date on the progress of their application. This is all provided free-of-charge.

For an additional nominal fee, your team can also leverage our state-of-the-art first-t0-market Recruitment Helpdesk Support SaaS product which integrates directly with your ATS to send fully controlled and automatic notifications to both candidates and recruiters.


We only hire locally within the markets we operate in. For example, for American-based companies, we hire American-based recruiters. We work with our business partners to agree upon the location of their recruiting team.

For our multinational business partners, where applicable, we will place our local recruiters in each market accordingly.

We appreciate that many of our competition decide to place their recruiting team offshore. However, we would rather spend more and deliver higher quality results. We are only successful when our business partners are equally successful. Therefore, we hire local recruiters who understand the local market dynamics and source industry’s best talent accordingly.


We hire dedicated recruiters for our business partners. These dedicated recruiters only look after our business partners’ open requisitions.

Unlike our competition, we do not allow a recruiter to be shared between multiple business partners. Once again, our focus is on delivering quality and an exceptional business partner experience. Our dedicated recruiters’ main focus will be to work with our business partners to close their open requisitions as per the agreed hiring plan.


Our recruiters have specialized experience in sourcing candidates for the specific function or functions our business partners need assistance with. For example, a business partner that is looking for support in the sales area will have a dedicated recruiter who has had experience hiring sales professionals throughout the recruiter’s career.

We do not hire generalists but rather specialized recruiters who bring value-add to our business partners, know exactly what our business partners are looking for, and do not waste our business partners’ time on candidates who are not fit-for-purpose.


We care about our business partners’ brand. Therefore, we are committed to providing every candidate with the best experience possible. Our core values revolve around excellence, professionalism, and transparency.

We will own the end-to-end candidate recruitment experience. Nothing is more frustrating than a candidate who is left hanging or not updated on the recruitment process taking place. Candidates are ultimately our business partners’ customers. Whether they make it or not, it is important that they have a great experience. If they don’t, they will speak poorly about our business partner, which ultimately impacts their brand.

Unlike many of our competition, this is not just an open requisition that we need to fill. This is a true partnership where we work closely with our business partners, adhere to their policy, and deliver an exceptional candidate experience.


Since the success of our business partners is ultimately our success, we guarantee a 6 months retention rate (versus the standard 3 months retention rate from most of our competition) of each employee we hire in partnership with our business partners’ HRBPs and Hiring Managers.

Any employee who leaves our business partner’s organization due to lack of performance in less than 6 months, will be replaced free-of-charge. This guarantee does not apply to contract employees with less than 6 months assignment period.


Unlike many of our competition, we actually measure complex key performance indicators (KPIs) for our business partners.

Organizations cannot afford having basic KPIs that do not lead to introducing further efficiency to their business operations. We work closely with our business partners to agree the list of KPIs that they wish to measure and we report on these KPIs on a monthly or on a quarterly basis, as per our business partners’ needs and requirements.

Click here for a sample list of KPIs we measure and we report on for our business partners.



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