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Recruiting for the top talent across your industry is no doubt a daunting task. Your recruiting managers will work long hours in hope that they would eventually identify the right candidate for your open requisition. Unfortunately, the search can turn out to be quite complex and your organization may decide to leverage a recruitment agency or a staffing firm to help you locate and hire the needed talent. All these extra costs can be avoided by selecting My Recruiting Team, a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firm that handles end-to-end recruitment services.

However, the challenges of recruiting do not end there. In fact, the search for great talent is only part of the challenges which are faced by recruiters nowadays.

Some candidates who apply and show interest in an open requisition become very anxious to know what is happening with their application. They will do whatever it takes to get an update on their candidacy. Hence, they will contact your recruiting managers by e-mail, by phone, on social media, etc. This will disrupt your team from the task that they are working on and will consume much of their time on providing updates rather than searching for the great talent you need to hire. At the same time, you do not wish for candidates to think poorly of your brand and to frustrate them by not responding to their e-mails or returning their calls.

My Recruiting Team’s Helpdesk Support Services Provide Your Organization with the Solution You Need !

Our 24x7x365 helpdesk support agents will take away the pain of responding to every e-mail and to every phone call your team receives. My Recruiting Team’s ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) certified helpdesk support agents will ensure that your business is represented in the most suitable manner as per your business policies and procedures. Our agents will be an extension of your teams and their primary focus will be on candidates’ end-to-end satisfaction. Using NPS (Net Promoter Score) tools, our management team will measure this satisfaction on a continuous basis to ensure that we continue to deliver the best brand representation of your organization. This service is offered free-of-charge for every business partner that signs-up to one of our end-to-end recruitment support services (project-based, department-based, annual).

For an additional nominal fee, your team can also leverage our state-of-the-art first-t0-market Recruitment Helpdesk Support SaaS product which integrates directly with your ATS to send fully controlled and automatic notifications to both candidates and recruiters.


Interested to learn more about our Helpdesk Support Services along with the processes which we follow to ensure candidates’ satisfaction?

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