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Have Corporate Recruiters and Staffing Agencies Lost their Human Touch ?

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You can all recall an instance of being approached by a recruiter from a staffing agency who attempts to pitch an “interesting opportunity” to you for one of their clients. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, the problem lies in the fact that some of these recruiters fail to do their homework prior to approaching candidates. They either approach you for a role which has absolutely no relevance to your experience or one that you have done years ago. This clearly stems from the fact that they either have outdated information or have miserably failed to research their candidates appropriately.

The same issue is encountered with corporate recruiters who immediately go to LinkedIn, Doximity, Monster, Indeed, or any employment website, and start searching for candidates (using keywords) that match their job descriptions. Again, that is not the problem. The problem is when these recruiters begin to randomly reach out to candidates who are “potential fit“, share the job description they (HR or Hiring Manager) have drafted, and ask whether the potentially fit candidates are interested in having an “exploratory discussion” around the open role. They either receive no response from the candidates or eventually find out that these candidates are overqualified. Of course, there are instances when things do work out and the recruiters do find a perfect match, but only after having wasted so much time and effort on randomly selecting candidates who fit the job profile. No wonder mid-to-large size organizations hire an army of recruiters.

The worst part is when recruiters (whether they are an agency or a corporate recruiter) end their message to the candidate with something along the lines of:

and in case you are not interested in this role and know of someone who might be, then please feel free to let us know.

Yes, referrals are important and Yes, an excellent candidate may know someone who is equally good and on the job market, but please close the loop with the candidate you approached first (that is if you get a response) before seeking for referrals.

Therefore, with all that being said, you can’t help but ask:

Have Corporate Recruiters and Staffing Agencies lost their Human Touch?

Let’s not generalize and answer the question with a blatant Yes. However, let’s also be honest and say that, unfortunately, many have indeed lost their human touch.

Recruiters need to bring back the good old days when they would do more research about their potentially fit candidates. For example, at My Recruiting Team, our recruiting managers interact directly with candidates to learn what they are looking for in their next job (minimum salary, willingness to relocate, desired industries, potential deal breakers, etc.) and include this key information in our private database. Based on what our business partners are also looking for in their next hires, our recruiting managers would make the appropriate matches accordingly.

Having built that rapport and got hold of all potential candidates’ information would ultimately allow our recruiting managers to streamline the recruitment process. Moreover, the candidates feel like they are an important asset rather than just a tool being randomly used to close a job opening.

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